Established March 1, 1959



Vandenberg - Key West
March 2012


Alger Underwater Preserve
August 2012


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Photos and videos by club members.

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Jason Shaw The Gunilda August 2015

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2014 Underwater Pumpkin Carve
2014 Gilboa Quarry Trip
Fabish Shipwreck Dives July 2014
Barnum: Drop In
Barnum: Deck / Ascending
Stalker: Dropping In
Stalker: Exploring the Deck
Stalker: Under the Bow Deck
St. Andrews: Dropping In
St Andrews: Deck and Ascending
Jason Shaw The Morrell Jun 2014
Jason Shaw The Florida Jul 2014
Jason Shaw The Windiate Jul 2014

Jason Shaw The Viator Aug 2013

Underwater Pumpkin Carve, Oct 2012
Alger Underwater Preserve August 2012
Jason Shaw The Dunderburg July 2012
Jason Shaw dives the Young June 2012
Jason Shaw dives the Barnum June 2012
Jason Shaw dives the Ward June 2012
Sommers The Vandenberg March 2012
Snowmobile Recovery, January 2012
Alger Underwater Preserve, August 2011
Underwater Pumpkin Carve, October 2011

Alger Underwater Preserve, August 2010

Shipwreck The Keuka in Charlevoix, Mich.
Diving Sanilac Shores Preserve
2007 Underwater Pumpkin Carving
Don Storck cleans underwater windows
Lexington Michigan

Haithco Park

Dive Team pool training

Car sinking in Saginaw River
Higgins Lake
Shipwreck Bermuda in Munising, Mich.
Petoskey underwater cruicifix



Tony Piazza in Cozumel
Jason Shaw - The Dunderburg July 2012

Dave Sommers dives the Vandenberg
Petoskey - Chalevoix October 2011
Munising Weekend August 2011
Tony Piazza dives Cozumel in 2011
Mike Fabish dives with Manatees 2011
Mike Fabish dives Devil's Den 2011
Mike Fabish in the Atlantic off Florida, 2011
White Star Quarry, June 2011
Saginaw Bay, MI July 2011
Tony Piazza dives Jamaica
Don Storck cleans underwater windows
Petoskey underwater cruicifix cleanup
Mike Fabish dives the
2008 Family Picnic on Contacts page
Club dive at Krystal Lake
Mike and Justin Fabish at Foote Dam
The Goshawk with Fabish and Tony Piazza
Petoskey - October 2008
Mike Coyer dives Cozumel
Tony Piazza visits the Riviera Maya
The Keuka in Lake Charlevoix
Mike Fabish dives Hawaii
World record dive at Gilboa Quarry
Visit the Portage Quarry
Otter Lake club dive
2009 Pumpkin Carve
Tony Piazza dives Jamaica in 2010

2010 club Ice Dive
Dave Sommers dives Lake Superior
Haithco club dive, May 2010
Munising club dive, August 2010
2010 Pumpkin Carve

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